We are not simply consultants but participants in the success of our clients.

Marketing & Advertising

In today's market, knowing your audience and how to reach them has never been more important. Everyone in marketing is familiar with the four P's Product, Price, Placement and Promotion. Your firm has the Product, and often the Price and we are here to... Learn more →

Public Relations

Never before has managing and protecting your brand, or even launching one, been so complex and multifaceted. Successfully navigating this dynamic landscape requires a cohesive vision and expert guidance by a PR team whose core consideration is... Learn more →


DM Baker is involved in Producing and Executive Producing a variety of movie projects from features films to documentaries all focusing on movies of purpose. Our forte is with brokering of projects, fund development, and orchestration. Learn more →

Had such an awesome time hanging out with Brian today at the armory. He sure is one smart feller. (@dmbaker)