Case Studies

How we’ve helped people like you find their voice and build their image.

Messaging, Branding, Public Relations and Crisis Management

  • DM Baker created a strategic community advocacy program for a large group of neighborhood associations in Southern California, and later, for a community in Northern California. This was done to support the goals of these groups in advancing citizen involvement in community planning and local land-use issues. Baker crafted and executed a campaign strategy that successfully changed public opinion, built consensus, achieved 100% of the client’s goals, and influenced citizen views for years to come.
  • DM Baker created and implemented a highly successful PR campaign in 2017 to promote the pre-launch of a mobile app, Polis Assist. The campaign aimed to build social capital for the tech firm as it began seeking its second round of funding. Polis Assist quickly garnered a great deal of media attention, which strengthened the company’s message and increased community interest.
  • In the media relations space, DM Baker has worked for several causes and individuals related to social justice, including Mariam Ibraheem. I managed her speaking engagements and publicity efforts after her release to the U.S., securing interviews and coverage on BBC World, Megan Kelly on FOX News, ABC TV, and numerous other media outlets and newspapers worldwide. I also prepared her for interviews and assisted in securing offers for her book and film rights. Ibraheem, a celebrated refugee from Sudan, was facing the death penalty for apostasy. Through the efforts of a nonprofit organization I chaired, and with the support of the Pope, we successfully secured her release from jail and her departure from Sudan.

Non-Profit Work

  • DM Baker has raised millions of dollars for dozens of nonprofits over the last decade, including funding for events, capital campaigns, and educational programs. Notably, Baker ran a capital campaign that raised almost $3 million for a cultural arts organization during the height of the mid-2000s recession, which included securing a city grant of almost $1.7 million. This effort not only required writing an effective grant proposal but also lobbying city officials and convincing the community of the vision. Baker has worked for numerous cultural, healthcare, and educational nonprofits, with annual revenues ranging from $200,000 to $2 billion.
  • Directed a 3-day music festival featuring 30 bands for a youth-focused 501(c)(3) organization. Raised significant sponsorships from MTV, FOX TV, United Airlines, American Airlines, Pepsi, and received government sponsorships among others. Created the branding and messaging, and handled the publicity and advertisement purchases for the festival.
  • Organized a fundraiser at the House of Lords in the British Parliament, where Douglas Gresham, C.S. Lewis’ stepson, spoke. This event was held in conjunction with the premiere of Walden Media/Disney’s ‘Narnia,’ for which Gresham was an Executive Producer.