Who We Are

Hiring a marketing or public relations firm can be like jumping into a pool while not being sure there is water in the pool…. So often company’s spend money on a media firms and walk away wondering what they got for their money…

DM Baker Media has over 20 years of experience as a creative problem-solving firm on a global scale for numerous for-profits, non-profits and high- profile individuals. Experts in media, messaging, innovation, strategic relationships, entrepreneurship, and crisis management. 

We are fixers and creatives who approach things with a different point of view than many other firms. We are collaborative and forward leaning. And we put this to work for you and your organization.

Well, DM Baker wants to set your mind at ease….  We provide services and benchmarks that demonstrate quantifiable results toward your goals!  So now you can “jump in’ with confidence!

About the CEO

An experienced, creative problem solver with global reach. Expertise in media messaging, crisis management, and technology innovation.

Dennis Baker (CEO of DM Baker Media & Polis Assist, Inc) consultant to numerous established corporations, non-profits, and high-profile individuals. A development specialist who raised millions of dollars for non-profits ranging in annual budget size from $100k to $2 billion in areas as diverse as museums, hospitals, universities, and international aid organizations. A PR expert having managed several New York Times bestselling authors and leading many public relations campaigns for advocacy groups, movie projects, and entertainers. Serving on several non-profit boards of directors with a special interest in human rights issues.

Founder & CEO of Polis Assist, Inc (www.polisassist.com), a mobile app company focused on locating fee free parking in L.A. and soon in NYC & San Francisco.  Polis Assist was voted the #2 mobile app by LAWEEKLY. Polis Assist was a finalist in the prestigious Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong L.A. Innovation Awards and a Finalist in the Leading Cities Accelicity program as one of only 15 chosen to participate from over 550 other start-ups.

A graduate of Westmont College and a Hansard Scholar at the London School of Economics in London, England. Before starting DM Baker-Media Relations, Mr. Baker, worked for the U. S. Senate, the British House of Commons, for FOX Entertainment and in management at a media buying/PR firm. A member of NEXUS Summit, the Anti-Defamation League Glass Leadership group, Google’s Zeitgeist community and serves on the board of EPIC Impact Society.