Marketing & Advertising


In today’s market, knowing your audience and how to reach them has never been more important. Everyone in marketing is familiar with the four P’s: Product, Price, Placement and Promotion. Your firm has the Product, and often the Price and we are here to do the rest. Utilizing tried-and-true research techniques and surveying strategies we can provide answers to your marketing questions. Research and client development are crucial to successful firms continuing success. We can provide the tools for this success with media analysis, competitive analysis, and direct mail programs –all suited to your individual needs.

DM Baker is also a full service firm offering many options for your promotion. Message /Brand development and delivery is crucial in order to produce the results any firm or organization needs. We are experienced in mass communication and message development that will fit your goals and your organization’s personality. We have access to numerous media outlets and experts to further compliment our services and provide the best, most diverse marketing mix. Event planning, strategic development and corporate giving strategies are areas that compliment our marketing schemes for our clients.


D.M. Baker can provide full service media buying for print, radio, and TV markets domestically and internationally. We will negotiate the best rates and placements. TV Radio, Print, Web Banners, we can do it all with a single media buy. No need to contact dozens or even hundreds of vendors to negotiate, place and verify media buys. We can handle all your needs. We can provide competitive analysis, media planning and budgeting as well as publicity campaigns of a diverse nature. We can provide niche marketing – buying in markets ranging from minorities to college, seniors to armed forces.

Contracts for media buying include the following added services:

Media Planning/Budgeting

We will help you identify appropriate media outlets and avenues of exposure. Then, assess a budget that is appropriate to achieve your sales and marketing goals. We can also plan out your media buys in print, TV, Radio and the Internet over the course of a fiscal year, quarterly or monthly.

Negotiate & Place

We will negotiate with the various media outlets to obtain the best possible rates and placements.

Creative Services Development

We can have your ad campaign fully designed or produced according to your specifications and provide you with 1st rate graphic art and video/audio production. (These services require an additional cost)

Media Tracking

We will monitor, track and provide proof of performance for all your placements with either tearsheets for print or affidavits for TV, Radio and Internet buys. We will insure the best placement and copy registration and will negotiate makegoods and discounts for poorly performed media.

Media Analysis

We will provide quarterly media analysis for all your buys with special attention placed on competitive analysis. This is to insure that your firm is achieving its’ goals and reaching your designated audience. It is also important to understand where your competitors are buying media to evaluate where they are seeking their audience.


We can provide publicity in conjunction with your media placements to maximize your organizations exposure. We can create (For an additional cost) publicity generating events that will also work to increase organizational awareness and brand loyalty. An area we encourage our clients to get involved with is our Corporate Giving Strategies program. We can develop a Corporate Giving scheme focused on causes that are important to your firm and that match your corporate personality. These programs not only increase community awareness of your firm but also will generate increased sales and brand loyalty.