Public Relations

Never before has managing and protecting your brand, or even launching one, been so complex and multifaceted.

Successfully navigating this dynamic landscape requires a cohesive vision and expert guidance by a PR team whose core consideration is your image and reputation, wherever and however they appear.

Our national and international initiatives build and sustain efficient, effective business outcomes using communications strategies and techniques in: brand positioning and refinement, traditional public relations, crisis management shield creation, online PR, social media, publicity generating events, and marketing communications.

Every brand has a story … one that resonates with, engages and motivates customers and influencers. We will help you identify and communicate yours.  You may  or may not have heard of DM Baker Media Relations, but you have definitely heard of our clients.

Significant areas of focus:

  • Improve shareholder value
  • Win customer loyalty
  • Maximize investment in communications
  • Stimulate employee motivation
  • Provide a crisis shield.
  • Foster good relations among clients, government and – stakeholder groups.