Make a Splash!

We are fixers, creatives, and collaborators who approach complex issues with a forward thinking perspective. From messaging and branding to public relations and crisis management, we transform and protect your image.

Shape Your Message

Message is everything, and it’s often the difference between success and failure. We’ve spent years helping companies, NGO's, agencies and individuals find their voice and craft their message.

Share Your Message

A great message means nothing if it doesn’t find the right Audience. We can help you target and engage with the people who matter.

Shield Your Message

A message that matters is worth protecting. We provide the tools to shield your brand and message in an ever-changing culture.

Founder & CEO: Dennis Baker

An experienced, creative problem solver with global reach. Expertise in media messaging, crisis management, and technology innovation.

Dennis Baker (CEO of DM Baker Media & Polis Assist, Inc) consultant to numerous established corporations, non-profits, and high-profile individuals. A development specialist who raised millions of dollars for non-profits ranging in annual budget size from $100k to $2 billion in areas as diverse as museums, hospitals, universities, and international aid organizations. A PR expert having managed several New York Times bestselling authors and leading many public relations campaigns for advocacy groups, movie projects, and entertainers. Serving on several non-profit boards of directors with a special interest in human rights issues.

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